1001 FACES contact sheets

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Project Name: 1001 Faces
Location: Lebanon
Theme:  Lebnen Jama3na
Format: Contact Sheet - Proofs
To inquire/order: iesv@hotmail.com
Licensing available: Personal - Commercial
All photographs are copyright Simon Sakkab
High Resolution orders would not be watermarked

Your feedback is much appreciated!


Please note that photographs maybe adjusted as in the simple example above. Most photos below have not been manipulated.

You may click and enlarge photos for better viewing.

At this point and for copyright considerations I ask that you kindly not copy and post these on Facebook or any other internet site and not in print either.

The above samples show the photos without watermarking.  Below they have a "tiled" watermark that would be removed for licensee. 

This project was lots of funnnnnnnnnnnnnn  :)