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Sunday, June 19, 2011

This is ONLY in Beirut.

Cave of the Miraculous Lady of Boobies???  Are you kidding me?

May 2011
Beirut, Lebanon

kint raye7 3al ashrafiye
ma fi shi 3a bele
hal 3alam, hayda raye7 w hayda jeye
w tili3 ha sign 2bele

sayyidat lebzez
al 3aja2ibiyyah"

The Cave of the Miraculous Lady of Boobies.

There are nicer words in Arabic for "breasts".  Bzez is the the equivalent of boobies and hardly appropriate when talking about the "Lady".  I asked my cousin about it and she laughed.  I literally asked if I were reading this properly and she said yes. She had even visited the place and I wondered if it's mainly visited by small breasted women that wanted larger breasts and couldn't afford surgery and hoped for a miracle.  My cousin, as if she was reading my thought said that it was about breast milk and the women who lacked in that area.   But for God's sake, "bzez"!?  If you are asking yourself about my cousin.. she is not breast feeding; her kids are university graduates.

Well, as much as I wanted to I did not go to visit the cave.  I did not know what to expect but I know it would not be the same to imagine the "Lady" with this specialty and that word.. Bzez!.   

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