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Sunday, July 31, 2011

1001 Faces @ AUB Outdoors 2011 Lebnen Jama3na The exhibit

The 1001 Faces - Lebnen Jama3na had its first exhibit on May 23-24 2011 at AUB where about 650-700 of the faces were shot in just 2 days and one afternoon in May of 2010.
A little secret:
The project was actually launched a few days earlier at LAU with the help of a friend with an informal gathering.  1001 Faces was off to a good start :)
The students at AUB come from different parts of Lebanon, as well as some foreign students, and covered all different types of backgrounds, however the faces, and the smiles, projected no backgrounds and affiliations other than being happy to be there, there in Lebanon.
The message is that of peace and unity! 
.. Lebnen Jama3na!
AUB outdoors is a themed 2 day festival with music, art, food and other entertainment activities as well as many types of games for all ages.  This year the count of attendees reached a record 16,950 people.  It was befitting to have the first exhibit at AUB since it was the place where much of the faces came from.

The response to the exhibit was exciting and rewarding. Students that wondered what would happen to all the faces that I shot in 2010 could now see the whole picture and they too were equally excited. 

Some people that I met at AUB in 2009 at the same event and had a chance to spend some time with, made an enjoyable Saturday yet more enjoyable.  Thank you, you know who you are!

The following shows photos of the exhibit and some of the faces that "found" themselves.

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