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Sunday, April 3, 2011

If anything is, this is.. Jewish

At the wailing wall, no one is picking up the mail.

Prayers go unanswered while prayers and wishes are written as proof of piety and obedience.  They write their prayers down on a  piece of paper and then they, the writers, fold it into many layers until it is small enough to fit inside the crack of a rock.  There, it stays.  I saw some that fell out of the rock and onto the ground.  No one seems interested in picking them up and placing them back into the wall.  A good Samaritan by his nature would.  Maybe it is thought that the fallen ones are "destined" to be "lost" and interference is not encouraged.  Hmm, how much superstition is infused into religions in general?

I suggest people put a return address, or enough postage.  It does not seem that this mail/prayer on paper is going anywhere.  Maybe not picking up the mail is God's message to his people:  "nag, nag, nag... or  Gone fishing" or a case of "return to sender, address unknown"?.

Sorry, I couldn't help but notice, the mail is not getting picked up.  Have you searched facebook:  type gee oh dee and hit search!  Nope, He's not on facebook either.  Well good luck next time.  Meanwhile, keep the tradition, write it, fold it and stuff it.

The site features a wall.  This one is for prayer.  Jews pray here.
On the other side and above is the Aqsa Mosque.  Muslims pray there.  The Jews want the site of the Aqsa to "rebuild" their temple. 

Dear God, about the other wall of "separation"...
By the sign of the hands..most likely not Jewish!

I would get the contractor to replace that "defective" stone..

The postman never comes here :(

some prayers fall on deaf grounds.

Still waiting and hoping.  Yellow is more attractive!

Safe harbour. 
found a good spot yet?

a symbol of peace.  Pigeons and animals like a human smile (see below)  are non religious and non racial

God only knows..

slow business for religion today!

a smile is a human trait (it has nothing to do with religion or race)

is digital Kosher?

Dear God: for starters I want a nice jewish BF oh sorry, that's boyfriend....  ps I love you.