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Friday, April 15, 2011

ZARB. Chicken BBQ like no other.

 It's called Zarb.  A way to cook, usually your meat, where the cooking area, once heated enough is covered up and denied further oxygen.  Two hours, more or less, later your food is beautifully done.

It was chicken for the zarb and I was witnessing my first zarb.  There a special clay jar in the ground with a conduit to allow air circulation.  Wood from a dead apricot tree was used and the fire went on for about an hour until it became like white charcoal and very very hot.

It was time for the spiced chicken to enjoy a day at the spa-sauna.  And down they went, not minding the heat and looking forward for their extreme tan courtesy of zarb.  Once they were in the "hole", a round metal cover was put on top and covered the hole and a semi watery dough mix was put around the cover to seal in the hot air and dirt was also placed on top to weigh the cover down and keep it in place.  The vent had to also be secured quickly as to deny the hot air oxygen.  It's like choking the air out of the air !!

So what do guys do when the ladies are tanning?  Go for a cold beer I guess.  Good enough, Amstel it is.

About two hours later..  it's time to get the ladies out and hope they're happy with their new tan.   First the dirt had to be swiped aside and then the very hot cover had to be removed all the while without getting dirt back in the hole.  The ladies wouldn't like that...  and voila!  Awesome tan ladies, please right to the dining room nom nom nom :)

The taste of zarb is like any other BBQ.  It depends on how you spice it, marinate it...  Zarb leaves the meat well done and yet moist tender, well provided you let it till it's done.  This chicken was outstanding.