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Monday, June 20, 2011

Is Lebanon a victim of Bottle-ization? and The Saudi twist.

When I was a kid, growing up in Lebanon, we had 2 brands of bottled water: Evian and Perrier.  Rich people washed their cars with Evian and the poor people drank  Perrier to pretend they were rich.  That is how the rich stayed rich and the poor got poorer!  

Now, drinking water is the bottled kind.  Tap drinking water is, if "running" not trusted by anyone.  It's bottled water and the brands are many.  When you sit down at a cafe in the "new" Beirut downtown, you are greeted with a cold bottle of water placed at your table.  The land that prides itself on its beautiful nature and abundance of water springs is now a captive to bottle-ization.  

The leading brand is Nestle, yes Nestle people apparently know how to filter water and 100 million arabs don't.  Nestle has licensed the Saudis to bottle water.  Imagine that!.  The desert is bottling water and selling it.  Nop, no kidding, that's what the bottle on a Delta flight from Amman to NY said.

Ironic that the land of "Nab3 Safa"  (Clear -water- Spring) would be so commercialized and no one in the private or public sectors would do something about it.  Any country should provide its citizens with some basics:  Clean air and clean water are basics.

Now, in my mind, I am still a kid growing up in Lebanon :)

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