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The 1001 Faces - Lebanon project took place in 2010.  Initially I had picked 1  photo per person to show and over 1001 faces, 1 per person, were picked and then the collection was printed and exhibited at AUB on May 21-22 of 2011.  1024 photos in all with a handful of duplicate faces but still, over 1001 faces were "delivered"... in sepia, and NOW in kolor :)

They are untouched.. except for some contrast possibly.  So be kind!

Here, I will be posting, contact sheet style with a PHOTO REFERENCE number, most of the photos and faces that I had shot in Lebanon.  The reference number would serve those that are interested in getting a non watermarked high resolution digital copy of a photo to do so by requesting it.   The photo would be "licensed" for personal and non commercial use.  If interested in commercial use of a photo please inquire.

Please direct all inquiries to iesv@hotmail.com

Feel free to comment below as well.

the first batch 19 x 32  ... 608 pics

Please do not post these on Facebook. Copyright considerations.  thank you.

(Minimal opacity on the watermark was used.)  

Nikon, D300, 18-200mm Lens, AUB, LAU, Beirut, Tripoli, Saida, Sido, Sour, Tyre, Hamra, Brummana, Baalbak, Burj Hammoud, Ashrafiyye, AUB Outdoors 2010, ALBA,

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