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Monday, February 7, 2011

Damascus Gate, Bab Al Amud. July 2010

It is named after something that is no longer there.  Its placement was a symbol of victory.   The name remained as a reminder of a long gone era.  This land's history is as such: 
they come, they see and they leave, eventually!
(but that's another story)

Location: Jerusalem, Al Quds

Bab Al Amud is the gate of the Column, in reference to the Roman "victory" Column that was placed by the Romans in front of the gate.    The column is documented in the Madaba Map:  A mosaic depicting the gate and a representation of the Amud that was there once upon a time. Is it burried waiting to be found or did it find a new home? Or was it recycled into another structure?
The present gate is made of wood planks (see photos below) covered by strips of metal,  It is fair to say they don't make them like this anymore!